Dextromethorphan Powder


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Understanding Dextromethorphan Powder: Properties and Uses

Dextromethorphan powder belongs to the morphinan class of medicines, which has sedative, dissociative, and stimulant properties. While it is known to exert therapeutic effects through several receptors, it does not have a significant affinity for the mu-opioid receptor activity common in morphinan compounds. This white powder is available in its pure form.

Recreational Use of Dextromethorphan Powder

Dextromethorphan is known to be used recreationally. When taken in doses exceeding approved amounts, it acts as a dissociative hallucinogen. It has multiple mechanisms of action, including being a non-selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and a sigma-1 receptor agonist. At high doses, dextromethorphan and its major metabolite, dextrorphan, can also block the NMDA receptor, producing effects similar to other dissociative anesthetics such as ketamine, inhalation general anesthetic, and phencyclidine. Dextromethorphan Powder Online was patented in 1949 and approved for medical use in 1953. Pure DXM powder is available on premium psychedelics. You can buy DXM powder online.

Understanding the Chemistry of Dextromethorphan Powder

Dextromethorphan Powder Online is the dextrorotatory enantiomer of levomethorphan, which is the methyl ether of levorphanol, both opioid analgesics. As a pure powder, dextromethorphan is an odorless, opalescent white powder.

What is DXM or Cough Syrup?

DXM, or dextromethorphan, is a cough suppressant found in many over-the-counter medications, including cough syrup, tablets, capsules, or powder. Some popular over-the-counter brands include Robitussin and Coricidin HBP. Other medical uses of DXM include temporary relief of sinus congestion, runny nose, cough, sneezing, itching of the nose and throat, and watery eyes caused by pollinosis, allergies, colds, or flu (influenza). There are approximately 70 DXM-containing products available to consumers.

Effects of Dextromethorphan Powder: What You Need to Know

Dextromethorphan is a dissociative anesthetic that, at high doses, can create powerful psychedelic effects. The effects caused by DXM use vary depending on the dose. When taken in quantities greater than the recommended treatment dose, DXM may produce euphoria and mind-altering effects. People who misuse DXM describe different “plateaus” starting from mild distortions of color and sound to visual hallucinations, “out-of-body” sensations, and loss of control.

Other effects of DXM use include hot flashes, nausea and dizziness, lack of coordination, scare or seizures, disassociation from the body, visual and auditory hallucinations, impaired judgment and mental performance, sweating, lethargy, slurred speech, hypertension (increased blood pressure), rapid eye movement, vomiting, and rashes with red blotchy skin. You can buy DXM powder online.

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